The review: Breaking Through, Being Healthy In Mind, A two hundred and fifty Pound Weight Loss Tale

I recently finished two of this author's eBooks: Breaking Bad, Overstanding Conduct from an Abusive Dad, Breaking Point 1, and Understanding Manifestation, Create a Vision and Hold on Tight, Overstanding Book 1. The author, Jason Criddle, is a product of mixed race and damaged home. His father, a black man, severely beat him when he was young, so when Jason was nine-years-of-age his father still left him and his white mom to their own devices.

I was impressed with this author's writing style as well as his forthright openness about his childhood and the insights into his eventual success. Consequently, I just experienced to check out this book too. But the primary reason I looked with this weight loss reading particularly is the personal journey that I've experienced with obesity.

I was a slender junior, an energetic athlete in high school, and well-muscled - "lean and mean" while in the Marine Corps. However, about fifteen in years past I came to the realization that I'd gained from 3 to 5 lbs. annually for the past twenty-five years. Once i was in the Corps I weighed 185 lbs. Ever since then, the high-water tag for me was 308 lbs. I felt terrible, it hurt to sit with that large belly in the way, and each of my joints ached when I Mama June Weigh walked. So, I have been searching for diets to bring me again to my optimum weight.
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Slim Fast and other supplements didn't help. Atkins diet, liquid, and numerous diets didn't help. I've read a few books which have helped to some diploma... books about quinoa, healthy slushies, juicing, paleo-diet, even hypnosis, and self-affirmations, all have helped. But We needed to find something that was all-encompassing, something that would touch all aspects of life. I found it in Breaking Through. Our author has presented us with a change in living, a change in life, and a brand new method of thinking. It's not merely diet and, in fact, this is not a diet book. It can about keeping active, eating smart at correct intervals, and thinking positively.

I am proud to say that We have lost 21 pounds, down to 287, with regards to a pound or two over each one of the past three months. That is in fact the best way to lose weight - slowly, but consistently. If you tend to gain weight within the holidays and need to get started on a healthier lifestyle this, naturally , isn't the answer to everything, but it's certainly a start and it's an inspiring read!


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